Restaurant Manager

Holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Tourism and Hotels.

Previous experience in the job of restaurant manager or management jobs in the same field.

Obtaining a health certificate for work in food and beverages.

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Chef Pastries

Obtaining a secondary certificate
Past experience in chef pastry function

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 Holds a high school diploma
Previous work experience in the Barista function

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Chef Baker

 Holds the secondary certificate
Practical experience in the function of chef baker or chef pastries

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Sous chef Profession

Obtain a bachelor's degree in culinary arts / or related certification.

Past experience in the job of a Sous chef.

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Obtain a secondary certificate.

Past work experience in host function.

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Chef de Party

A degree in cooking.

Practical experience in the function of Chef de Party.

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Food and Beverage Manager

Bachelor degree in hospitality.
Previous experience in the position of Food and Beverage Manager.

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Assistant Restaurant Manager

Bachelor of Business Administration / Hospitality Management.
Previous experience as Assistant Restaurant Manager.
It is preferable to have a business precedent to demonstrate practical experience.


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Human Resources Coordinator

Obtain a bachelor's degree in human resource management, psychology or related field.
Practical experience in human resources coordinator function.

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Obtaining a secondary certificate or a bachelor's degree.
Obtaining food and beverage safety certificates.
Work experience in the position of Witter or provider of food and beverages.
Ability to work in different shifts


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